Projekt międzynarodowy EFEECT4buildings






PROJECT: “EFFECT4buildings - effective Financing Tools for implementing Energy Efficiency in Buildings”


Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster is a partner in international project application within the InterREG Baltic Sea Region Programme. The partnership includes countries from the Baltic Sea Region i.e. P     oland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Project objective is to improve the capacity of public officials to implement energy efficiency measures in buildings owned by public stakeholders in the participating regions by providing them a toolbox with a set of financial tools that lower the investments risks.


24.05.2016 BuildingEffect becomes a flaggship project for the Horizontal Action of Climate in the Baltic Sea Strategy
This means that the project has been confirmed to have a strategic role in and that Council of the Baltic Sea states as coordinator for climate supports the project.





28.06.2016  BuildingEffect becomes a flagship project for the Policy Area of Energy in the Baltic Sea Strategy  
Ministry of Economics in Latvia, as coordinator of energy in the Baltic Sea Area confirms that the new project also is a flagship for the policy area of energy. The status as Flagship project for both Climate and Energy in the Baltic Sea Strategy means a strong support to the project.









10.08.2016 BuildingEffect succeeded in step 1 of applying for project finance in the Baltic Sea Program!
The partnership has started to develop a larger project within the Baltic Sea Program. The aim of the project is to increase the capacity among public managers of buildings to implement energy efficient measures. The project will focus on financial tools. The monitoring committee has approved the first step of the application and the partnership is now working on the full application.


24.10.2016 Project workshop – partner meeting in Malmo (Sweden)
Project team meet again in Malmo to make a step ahead towards the project development. Important project details need to be discussed further and agreed between all partners to make a project tangible, realistic in time and objectives to be achieved.


27-29.11.2016 Project workshop – last partner meeting in Lappenranta (Finland)
Project partners from all participating countries meet to specify last project details before completing a full application. The meeting resulted in final decisions about the budget figures, the list of partners and associate partners in the project and final descriptions of work packages and activities to be taken within the proposal.




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