Projekt międzynarodowy ecoConstruct


International project: „ecoConstruct - Sustainable Building in Circular Resource Economy”


Building sector is a traditional sector lacking internationalization. Five European cluster partners have established a long-term strategic agreement : Tretorget  (Norway), ByggDialog (Sweden),  InnoBYG (Denmark),  ecoplus (Austria) and Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster (Poland) have competences that supplement each other. SE is strong in energy efficiency, NO is strong in wood construction, AT is strong in wood construction and cross sector collaboration, PL is strong in affordable energy+ solution and DK is strong in bio-based materials and recycling of building materials. The target companies are innovation driven SMEs who are seeking for international partners, new customers and funding. SMEs will learn best practices from different countries and expand their network that leads to more innovation, job creation and growth.

 Main topics of partner international events:

  • Denmark: 2.-4. November 2016: Recycling of building materials and biobased building materials
  • Austria: 15.-17. February 2017: Cross sector collaboration for recycling of building materials
  • Norway: March 2017: Sustainable urban building, wood construction
  • Poland: April 2017: Afforadable energy + building
  • Sweden: April 2017: Building in wood, low energy construction, energy efficiency and renovation


Project partners:













The BSR Stars program speeds up innovation in the Baltic Sea Region with the aim of strengthening competitiveness and sustainable growth through transnational cooperation.


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